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Stale Mate with a Trash Can

November 25, 2008

So today on my way to work I was late 10 minutes to proof my point. Was it worth it? I take a small side street to get to work and the van in front of me stopped next to park cars in front of a convalescent home, to pick up a patient. I went around the van and as I was ready to pass, a city worker in a truck that picks up trash bins from apartments to take them to the street, pulls out from the driveway. He can plainly see me coming and i have the right away, but instead he pulls all the way out horizontally across the street to block me from going by. Then he motions to me to back up. There is now another car behind me trying to get around the same way I was but and I can not back up.

Now the butt gets out of his car, garbs his cell phone, gets an important looking paper from his truck and proceeds to write down my car license on it. Okay so I can be just as bad when trying to prove a point so I put my car in park and also got out my cell phone and the closest thing I…

Taxi Driver Gone Mad

November 20th, 2008

Early afternoon today, I drove my boss to the bank to make a deposit for work. While he went into the bank, I stayed behind and smoked a cigarette outside of my car. One local taxi driver pulled in next to my passenger side and got out and went inside the bank. After I finished my smoke, I went back into my car and turned on the radio, while I waited. The taxi driver returned and upon getting in, he hit the right side of my car with his door. He looked back at me and I shrugged my shoulders like "WTF", but I didn't say anything to him as my window was shut. He opened his door and hit me again claiming he was only hitting my tire. Out my drivers side window I voiced, "Please stop hitting my car." The man got so angry with me, he opened his door another 2 times into my car yelling at me, "It's your fu*king tire lady" to which I replied "Please stop hitting my car." By the fifth time of him hitting my car, while exclaimin…

Terror in the Front Yard

November 15th, 2008

Well today has not been a good day for a lot of people loosing their homes in the many raging fires all over Southern California. Today was not a good day for myself either as I woke up to find one of the two outdoor cats I take care of, ripped apart and decapitated in my front yard. She was such a sweet cat, she didn't deserve to go that way especially in her own front yard. I'll assume a dog, not on it's leash, got to her as she liked to sleep towards the front of the drive way in order to get a good view of her neighborhood. I have never seen a coyote in my city neighborhood yet.I feel for Zora, the other cat outside who's alone now after being her side kick for the last 9 years. She's been looking for her all day. I guess it's survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom.Zora misses you Amber Bamber as do I when you were not there for dinner. I pray you didn't suffer long through your savage demise. This day's hard to write up in…