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This Old House

Well after 25 years at living at my house a letter came today saying the owners are selling the property. Normally this may not be a problem, however it's a proven fact that the land on my street is being gobbled up by developers eager to tear the old down and erect the new. Could this be the next direction my life?
I've helped manage the property for the last 25 years, showing the apartments when a vacancy happens, taking care of the tenants complaints, alerting the management to any problems on the property, and I even have the side job of the gardener for both properties. I've gotten pretty comfortable living here these last 25 years and even installed a pond in my front yard as well as have a secret garden in the back.I've been pretty much settled here and now at the age of 52, I'm not real eager to go on the home hunt. But I have learned that the universe makes a lot of choices for you and this one I have to let go of and allow whatever is to be, to happen. Mos…

A Project is Consuming Me

I collect Olympic pins and have since the Los Angeles games of 1984. Been to most of the trading session in my area but I've not been that active in it lately. Back in the days BEFORE the Internet we known to the public, we used Telenet to connect ourselves together via our home 1200 baud modems and local BBS's (Bulletin Board Services). I ran on of these BBS's "Zola's Pleasure Palace", and used it to trade pins with people all over the world.

Since then, I have gotten many duplicate pins for my collection and have an Olympic pin page section on my web site "Visual Candy", where people can look at the pins I have extras of to either buy or trade with me. Problem with it is, the long list of text to scroll through and then click a hyperlink to view the pin, email me to see availability, and MAINLY me find the pin in the numerous extras I have, well I have not been doing a good job of staying organized and updated.

In the last few weeks, I have gotten a…