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A Tribute To A Friend

I can hardly believe that a year ago today, I was holding the best hand of my best friend, Barb, as she passed away. At first, everyone from her family was saying, "stay home and lets see, it's just a matter of time and we will call you." But then my sister called and said, "You know, the hearing is the last thing to go. She can probably hear you." Well that's all I needed and got dressed and drove to Covina to the hospital. When I got there, Barb was actually semi conscious and did recognize me, though she had tubes stuck down her throat and looked at me begging to get them out. And of course all I could do is tell her to try and ignore them and relax. It really gave me a bit of positive hope that seeing my face was helping. But then she quickly slipped back into grogginess but I know she could hear what I was saying. What do you say to someone you see slipping away in front of your eyes. You fight to be stronger and share good memeories but no matter what…

My House Has A Small Reprise

Well today is my six year anniversary at work. So I stood outside the bosses door where I know he can hear me and, stating to one of the girls in front, "Hey Sara, do you know what today is?" "It's my sixth year here." Boss never broke his stride or what he was doing, didn't acknowledge my presence and it's just another day.

At lunch I met with the broker of the sale of my house and the new buyers. They came inside to inspect the conditions of our units and I was able to ask the new buyer her intentions. She actually owns the apartment building next door so this would be a perfect piece of land to add to her existing, giving her almost an acre. She wants to fix up the buildings and do improvements, also raise our rents and I guess be a landlord who cares for a change. That will be nice!! However, she already has a gardener so I will loose my part time gig to supplement my income.

So for the moment....


And I am grateful I still have a roof o…

Somewhere To Go When You're Feeling Poopy

As I know advertisers and marketing are always looking for something new and unique to drag the buyer in, this one I don't get. I can't imagine enjoying a night of dinning out and thinking about quality type food. I sure hope it tastes better than it looks.

While it would be a fun place to serve ice cream or yogurts, having a hearty soup or a serious meal would not be my cup of tea. But I'm grateful that people exist out there that constantly swerve outside the lines and challenge the "box."