Saturday, March 6, 2010


Anyone who has taken any computer class in the world has learned the first thing they teach you is to save often. You would think after all these years, I would remember that rule religiously but I guess you have to get screwed about 100 times before you learn.

Balancing the check book at my job can be a real challenge to say the least. I need to lock myself away in my office, undisturbed and really concentrate on it. I balance at least 6 checkbooks and the other 5 are a breeze in comparison to our main account. Problem is we take Visa, M/C and Discover, which can be processed together, Debit Cards which process separately, American Express which processes separately, Cash and Checks which go together, Instant Checks which process like credit cards but separately and Care Credit. Now some of these deposits like American Express, take their percentage right off of the sale before they deposit into your account, some of the Visa/MC/Discover cards, wait until Monday to deposit so they are batched together for up to three different days and you have to make sense of all the deposits and change the numbers from what you have put in daily to reflect their costs. Needless to say it takes awhile when there are five pages of deposits to confirm.

Today, I wanted to get caught up on everything so I could start next week off fresh with my piles of work trimmed down. I spent 2 1/2 hours working on the deposits and when I got the correct total the very first time, I jumped up and started flaunting it to my coworker. "I'm so good," etc., etc. Well what I didn't notice was, my mouse had moved and allowed the cursor to center over an area called, UNMARK. I took the heavy statement and put it down on my keyboard which somehow hit the enter key and as I watched in horror, it unchecked every single item I had just spent 2 1/2 hours marking off, right before my very eyes. You know the first sign of grief is denial.

NO NO NO, NO WAY did that all just unmark.... Awwwww yeah it did.....

What are you going to do, walk away, get some fresh air, put it back on your desk and worry about it tomorrow. I guess my boss is right when he says, I don't listen. If I did, I would have remembered to SAVE OFTEN but,


and I am grateful I have a job and a good sense of humor. :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's Wrong With People, Including Me?

Okay so I think I'm a pretty polite person in most circumstances unless of course you piss me off. What's wrong with people today, including me? How can one little incident start your lunch hour out with such stress?

I'm getting ready to turn left onto a busy street where I am at a stop sign, no signal. One car is traveling east bound down the street so I am waiting for her to go by. She put her blinker on like she was either going to pull to the curb to park or turn right at the intersection where I was trying to turn out of. So I began easing my way out more when she suddenly pulls back into the street and honks at me and waves an angry hand at me. So I put my hand up to wave and said "Opps - Sorry" through my window. BUT I guess that was not good enough for her. She positioned her car in front of my car, rolled down the window and said, "What did you say?" in an extremely confrontational tone. "I said Sorry I thought you were going to turn or park, you had your blinker on." She says, "Sorry! You're not sorry at all." Again I said, "I said I was sorry, what do you want me to do, get out of my car, come over there and kiss your ass to prove it? I'm sorry!" She said "Yes!!" as if I should get out of my car and kiss her ass. I noticed she had a temporary handicap plaque around her rear view mirror, so being the adult that I am, I yelled at her, "You'd better move your fucking car out from in front of me or you're going to need a permanent handicap sticker."

Okay, What's wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING!!!! First off, she didn't have to slam on brakes or anything like that, as this was at a slug pace maybe 5 miles per hour and no threat of our hitting each other. Second, you don't need to signal to turn right two blocks away from where you are going to turn right. Hey, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. I do it all the time. Third, it took both of us longer to yell at each other and make a scene that if she could have just accepted my hand wave, my embarrassed smile and my mouth gesture of "opps sorry." At that point we both wanted confrontation and to be tested of our macho-hood. And lord knows, I can't back down from a confrontation which will probably be the death of me. But alas,


I'm grateful for living so close to home from my work that I can go home and chill out mid day. I'm grateful that I did not have to get out of the car and kiss OR kick ass. And I'm grateful we didn't have an accident but I just wish people out there would have a little more respect for each other. I apologize for telling her she would need a permanent handicap sticker as I would never wish that on ANYONE and have much respect for anyone who is handicapped!!