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Anyone who has taken any computer class in the world has learned the first thing they teach you is to save often. You would think after all these years, I would remember that rule religiously but I guess you have to get screwed about 100 times before you learn.

Balancing the check book at my job can be a real challenge to say the least. I need to lock myself away in my office, undisturbed and really concentrate on it. I balance at least 6 checkbooks and the other 5 are a breeze in comparison to our main account. Problem is we take Visa, M/C and Discover, which can be processed together, Debit Cards which process separately, American Express which processes separately, Cash and Checks which go together, Instant Checks which process like credit cards but separately and Care Credit. Now some of these deposits like American Express, take their percentage right off of the sale before they deposit into your account, some of the Visa/MC/Discover cards, wait until Monday to deposit so they are…

What's Wrong With People, Including Me?

Okay so I think I'm a pretty polite person in most circumstances unless of course you piss me off. What's wrong with people today, including me? How can one little incident start your lunch hour out with such stress?

I'm getting ready to turn left onto a busy street where I am at a stop sign, no signal. One car is traveling east bound down the street so I am waiting for her to go by. She put her blinker on like she was either going to pull to the curb to park or turn right at the intersection where I was trying to turn out of. So I began easing my way out more when she suddenly pulls back into the street and honks at me and waves an angry hand at me. So I put my hand up to wave and said "Opps - Sorry" through my window. BUT I guess that was not good enough for her. She positioned her car in front of my car, rolled down the window and said, "What did you say?" in an extremely confrontational tone. "I said Sorry I thought you were going to turn or par…