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Caucus Makes no Sense - Could this be the reason why people loose interest politics

For the life of me I can't wrap my head around this "caucus" thing.

caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement. TheIowa Caucus[1]is anelectoral eventin which residents of theU.S. stateofIowameet inprecinctcaucusesin all of Iowa's 1,681 precincts and elect delegates to the correspondingcounty conventions. There are 99 counties in Iowa, and thus there are 99 conventions. These county conventions then select delegates for both Iowa's Congressional District Convention and the State Convention, which eventually choose the delegates for thepresidential nominating conventions. About 1% of the nation's delegates are chosen by the Iowa State Convention.

This makes no sense to me at all. When you are voting for the president of the United States, the speaker of the people, one would think he/she would be elected by the people. ALL the people.  I've looked and looked and nothing you can show me out there makes a…

You're In My Space

I've been away from my blog far too long for every day it seems I encounter something somewhere that pisses me off or is just uncalled for and I can say is It Is What It Is.

Today on my way to work I was waiting patiently for the signal to change from red to green when a huge express bus pulls up along side of me. Now that in itself would not be the problem BUT I could have rolled down my window and knocked on the front door. He literally left 6"- 8" between us. That's my side mirror on the right.

I really do not see how he did not hit my mirror. When I looked over at him, he sat there with a very casual look on his face and didn't acknowledge my stare. I wanted to knock on the glass but grabbed my camera instead.

I mean seriously look how close he is to my car? There is literally just 6 inches between us. My little car could never win a game of chicken with this huge bus so I have to just let it be and say...
"It Is What It Is"