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Does It Matter If You Paint Around Your Furniture?

We all know how hard it is to get things accomplished when working a full schedule. It's been about 8 years now since I painted the inside of my home and after the kitchen came out so nicely, the rest of the house now needs to come up to standards. But who has the time to move everything, put down plastic and get out the old paint rollers, to accomplish the job in a weekend.

So for me, I've done the next best thing. I don't care what anyone says or thinks but I find that painting with a 2" brush gets the paint on the wall the nicest. I did my entire kitchen this way and now almost finished the rest of the house. But I've gotten eager to see results as soon as possible, so instead of finishing one room at a time, when I feel the mood, I do an area regardless of where it is.

Can you believe I choose "Mickey Sailor" for the bedroom trimmed in bright white and bright white for front room and hall. Oasis green is the kitchen and bathroom and I just found out th…