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Honest Abe I'm Not

I'd like to think I am a fairly honest trust worthy person. I believe in "What you do comes back to you", "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and anything you dishonestly "get away with", you will pay back three fold in the future. If a local business I frequently visit gives me the wrong change I'd let them know without hesitation, if I saw someone drop something in front of me, I'd pick it up and alert them to it and if I found some one's wallet or purse with money in it, I'd at least take the cash out, sort of service fee for my putting it in the nearest mail box to get the important info contained back to it's owner. But I don't believe in stupidity.

So, I'm standing in the check out line with my shopping cart of goodies along with a 20 pound container of cat liter. When I approach the counter, I ask the checker if I need to put it on the counter or can she scan it in my basket. "No, leave it as I c…

Chasing For Wild Geese In The Rain

So I walk into my neighborhood Sports Store and see the perfect jacket. Problem is, it's not the size my boyfriend can wear so what to do? Ask the front counter if there are more in stock in my size or what other stores might have one.

The front counter checked her computer and found one about 30 miles away and they were willing to put it on hold for me. At least three times I asked is it the same color and make just in a larger size. "Yes, of course yes.. same skew number, same color, just a larger size and they will hold it for 24 hours for you." So I reply, "Yes please!!!" Now, it's pouring down rain as I ponder what to do as far as venturing out in rain slick streets tonight, Friday in rush hour traffic or wait until Saturday morning where we are expecting a larger storm. I opted for going now and making sure I have the jacket to complete my surprise present.

The normal 45 minute drive turned into an hour and a half as I fight my way across flooded surfac…