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Why Do We Have To Get Old?

Holy Crap! I haven't truly exercised for almost two years so last night I decided hey, there's a hill right here, why not climb it. I dusted off my stretch pants and work out gear, put fresh batteries in my MP3 player already filled to capacity with catchy fast tunes to motivate my stride, and set out to conquer the hill.

1.4 miles and 25 minutes later, I returned home feeling like I conquered the world. Okay the first step is the hardest right? Made dinner when I got home and really didn't feel like eating much so that's a good first step. Until last night!!!!

I think the worst thing about getting old is your mind says "Yes I Can" and your body says, "Ha Ha you fool!! I swear I was up at least 3 or 4 times in such pain in my shins. The only thing to do is try and stand on it to make the pain go away. But that didn't even work last night. I was have asleep sweeping through the medicine cabinet trying to shove any medication down my throat that I thou…