Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th is an Evil Day

Not only is it tax day, but you can really make your day worse when you schedule doctor visits the same day.

But if the day wasn't stressfull enough, I have to sneak to Kaiser at 8:00 and do quick blood work before my boss notices I am missing. (Supoose to be at work by 8:00). And even though I am the first one to get the needle today, I'm feeling confident when I ask her if she is good at this in the morning. But she's extremely nice and I feel confident until she sticks me and, not in the vein I am normally used to, and nothing comes out. So she stick it farther in. Well heck anyone can bleed after that. So I feel up 5 tubes and on my way. I'm pretty close to work and make it by 8:17 just as my boss is calling for me. PHEW!!!!!!! So other than the huge black and blue mark, life is good. But what other hospital could you possibly go to and be to work in 17 mins.?

Now, get my tax forms printed out so I can get them in the mail at lunch. For the first time since I've done the "short form" with my taxes, I was faced with the challenge of doing them solo. So I got my copy of Turbo Tax and away I go. I can figure out any program so I'll get through this too. But, schedule "C" and depreciations and work pages and make sure you put line 42 from last years taxes here, and I paniced. How can you do them 4 times and come up with a different figure each time? I keep good records and easily import my Quicken file to Turbo Tax but thtis can't be right? Now the 5th try gives me results very similar to my last two years of taxes. I've got it printed out, the envelopes are made, I'm feeling pretty comfortable even though I feel rushed..... so what the heck, I download the extension form and take it to the mail today instead. That gives me 3-6 months to figure it out. I won't take that long as I need my refund NOW, before we go and "bail out" another failing company. Once again it will be my weekend project. UGH.

Okay now that is done, I have to get back to the hospital for the Mamogram I have schedule at 12:00. Ofcourse there is havic at work and I don't get out of there till 11:56 make it back to Kaiser by 12:08, and since I prepaid this morning, I did not have to wait in line to sign in again. Walk in put my paper in slot and within 4 mins. I am called. Now just once I would like to see a man have his testicles clamped down in a vice and hydrollically flatten to preform a better image. But.....


and before you know it it's done and just one of those things us women have to do to stay safe. I'm out the door at 12:22. Again, WTG Kaiser / Glendale. Off to the post office to make the deadline and run the errands for my job and that leaves me 30 min for lunch still. Great. Back to work on time until I realize hey tomorrow is pay day and no one is at work to sign checks tomorrow so I have to do it NOW.......... Quick make sure that everyone gives me a time sheet in the next nano second, and off go to rush through that. Needless to say things don't go as planned and I am working late but that's okay, what you do comes back to you and I did use 21 mins of the bosses time today for my appointments. Call it even and go home to releve the poor aching knot in my neck. I'm looking on the bright side, payroll is one less thing I have to do tomorrow.

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