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What a Differance a Year Makes

To think one year ago, I was on my way to Chicago to be with my childhood sweetheart that we rekindled a flame and I feel in love with. The man swept me off my feet, told half the world he loved me and we would be together soon. I swear we had our phones glued to our heads and could talk for way too many hours. He sent me romantic e-cards and even dedicated a song to me, "I can be your hero baby" which I even changed my ring tone to so he could awake me in the morning romantically. Long distance relationships SUCK and I swore I would not be in another one, but we had so much history (like 36 years). He even flew here a couple times so we could make sure our passion was for real and not just a fantasy. But alas, it was, as I found out when I decided to brave the cold weather and fly to Chicago.

I absolutely LOVE visiting Chicago but in the middle of January - well, that's just insane cold. But, the flame was still there in our voices as I boarded the plane. I met his adora…

Aaaaaaaaah ... Can You Feel It?

Today I have no complaints. Instead, I am overly proud to be an American. It was like a breath of fresh air watching the faces of hope, in our nation's eyes, embracing the man who will take our country to the next level.

It's been a long time since I've seen the entire country rally around it's president. I really didn't think we as a nation, would get to that point again since the 60's and John F. Kennedy. But today, with the swearing in of our new 44th President, Barack Obama, it's a day of celebration as well as one to go down in the history books. The fact that this is the first ever African-American man to hold such a prestigious title, I felt enriched, looking out at our highly diverse country, knowing that at least for today, our country has put aside it's racial tension, and instead is celebrating our nation of color.

The crowds were gi-normous and what a rush that must be to stand before an ocean of people whom all adore you. Oh, to be a fly on t…

Help - The "But First" Syndrome's Got Me

It was nice that the landlord arranged the floor dudes to come to my house on a Saturday to install my new flooring in the kitchen. I set my alarm to make sure I didn't oversleep, as to not upset progress. Here's my chance to also paint behind the stove and refrigerator. But first, what will I find back there? My goal is to paint behind the stove and refrigerator so it looks as nice as the floor. But first, the workers need to put everything in my front room. Now that my front room is filled with major kitchen appliances, it's nice to finally evict the nasty dust buddies that have been making this area of my house, their home. But before they can install the floor, I need to wash the walls and paint. But first, I must first go to the store and buy the paint. But first, I have to figure out what color it is I used before. Being a graphic designer at heart, I pull out my handy color swatch samples and quickly held up every shade of green till I could find something close. Bu…

Grid Lock At Register Three

Okay so you have a cat who you have just promised you will NOT return home without getting him some tasty snack treats from the grocery store. You've worked all day 8 hours, you make it to the store, you carefully select the tasty treats from isle 8 that you know are going to bring a smile to your cat's face and prove to your cat that YOU the owner are not full of shit, and you pick up a few things for yourself and head to check out. WOWSER, there are only 3 check stands open and the lines is each one are longer than the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years combined.

OH HELL NO.. I refuse to wait in a line of 20 plus people for something that is not even on sale. So I did the next best thing. Left my cart and walked out letting the box boy know that I'm sorry he has to put 30 plus cans away. Okay so I'm grateful, I have a few spare cans reserve at home to tide him over and the money to be able to afford to buy him, and myself, more.

Happy New Year

Why does it always seems like the days you have to work, your health is okay and the days you get to yourself, you're sick? That's my story to start out the new year. Been trying to fight back a cold since right before Christmas and waaaaaa laaaaaaa.... Sick for both holidays.

Yes, I made it through the Christmas party at work mostly sober and not standing out in my bosses eyes for another year. Trust me that's a hard one I've been living down for the last 6 parties. Doubled up on my vitamin C and felt pretty good all in the way to Chirstmas Eve. Then, the sniffles... OH no... I can't get sick..... break out the Euchanasia and extra Energy "C". Okay I feel good enough to go to brunch with my friends Christmas day. Back at work, everyone is sniffling and though you try as you may to not touch anything, you have to and before you know it, you are sniffling too.

Here's to a prosperous 2009. We have a something to look forward to. A new president and yet an…