Friday, June 24, 2016

Gag Me

So we are due this weekend of yet another heat wave in Southern California and for those of us without central air conditioning, it can get quite downright hot in the house. When it's cool in the morning and semi overcast, it is nice to leave you front door open to let the cool air in before you have to lock it up for the day and go to work. Which is exactly what I was doing this morning at 6:30 am.

Now first off, if I was a retired person, I would have been put off just because of the noise of an idling truck engine. Right outside your bedroom window all you can hear is two trucks motors running. I assume they are getting ready to do some work outside and firing up their equipment, it was that loud. But then all of a sudden, I start smelling horrible exhaust fumes. Now mind you, we've already been warned about going outside or spending too much time outdoors because of the wildfires around town and the air quality. And for the last 10-15 minutes not only have i listened to two trucks engines roar, I've also had exhaust fumes sprayed directly into my front door. My entire house smells horrible so I go outside and tell the men that they have just turned my home into a smelling like a car repair station. One man was filling up his truck from the fire hydrant on the corner and the other was just shooting the shit with him. I asked him to please turn off their cars as my sister and I were tired of hearing their engines run and smelling their exhaust. They pretty much looked at me like I'm the crazy person.

People just don't think anymore. it would be one thing if it was really hot outside and their car was running to keep the people inside cool running the air conditioner. If they had a pet in the car, something. But no, that wasn't the case. So instead of allowing it to ruin my day, you just have to laugh it off and say...


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