Sunday, January 22, 2017


For me, this is the true sign of racism and being a hater trying to fuel the fire.

Take your damn blinders off. Second time I've been "un-friended" - maybe I'm on a roll. This was from someone I went to high school with though we were not friends then but why do people put "hater posts" on their page if they don't want responses to it? I normally don't respond to these posts and scroll through them but every now and then one stands out. In the light of the tremendous turnout of woman, families and men who marched yesterday and perhaps the fact I've such a bad cold, and couldn't be there, I feel very proud and passionate about the movement.

A respected realtor, same class of 74 as mine, writes how the woman's movement was nothing more than a pack of whiners and wondered how large the crowd might have been if Republicans marched over Clinton's role with Monica. His response to me was he did similar to the presidents attitude of "hey - look over here" and I was trying to play the victim. When people started to agree with my response, he felt the need to belittle my opinion and unfriend me.

I'm beginning to see there are a lot of these babies out there who can't stand up to any criticism and surround themselves with only people who see the world exactly as they do. It is what it is but for me, this is the true sign of racism.

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