Saturday, May 13, 2017

When Do You Get Involved?

When should you choose to get involved when you witness something? In today's unhinged world, you have to be extremely careful that someone doesn't pull out a gun and shoot you for not minding your own business.

Normally I find bus drivers to be egotistical and aggressive thinking they own the road and have the right away because they are larger. Not the case today. I'm driving home for my quick 30 minutes of sanity I can only find home for lunch. I'm following the Bee Line City Bus and as he is pulling away from the curb after picking up his fare, I decide to yield to wait behind him at the light instead of trying to squeeze to the front of the line. The light changes and as we begin to move we are only able to get one block before we must stop for a light again. A woman to my left decided that as soon as the light changes, she is going to punch it and turn right onto a street in front of the bus. And try as she might, and I really thought she might make it, she hesitated when the bus driver honked at her causing him to hit her rear right bumper with his right front.This really pissed me off because now no one can get through the intersection and I have to maneuver around an island to turn on my street. I thought to myself what a dumb ass move on the woman's part and I really should have stopped to be a witness but I was hungry to get home.

Had my lunch and wondered if I would see the bus again when I was traveling back to work. Sure enough as I approached the intersection where it happened, the bus was parked to the right of me and the driver was speaking to 4 young men and a cop. To the left of me I saw the woman on the island shaking her fist in the air in her own language to a crowd of about 10 listeners. She acted as if the she was not at fault and the bus just hit her for no reason. Well seeing the bus driver was alone trying to defend himself, I pulled over interrupted everyone and said "I'm sorry to be rude but I cannot stay but I want to let you know I did witness this accident from directly behind the bus and I will be more than happy to give my phone number if needed. I said it looked like a really stupid maneuver and I couldn't understand why the woman would try that. This REALLY made the 4 young men mad with one of them telling me I'd better watch my mouth.  I told them I did not curse at anyone so not sure why he was offended. He told me he was the son of the woman in the car and he would not stand for me to call his mother stupid. Which I explained I said it was a stupid action not calling her anything. He kept screaming at me every time I said stupid until the cop had to step up in his face.  He kept yelling at me so loud that the cop asked him to leave as I gave my name and number. The poor little old bus driver looked thankful I stopped and agreed with my story and I left to return to work. But after work, I told the back streets home as my car is VERY recognizable and looks like not too many others and not sure if the teens will be gunning for me if they see me in that area, Am I safe now driving around my city with 20 angry people knowing I ratted them out?

and I gotta hope I did the right thing.