Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yes the world revolves around me

Getting a pizza after work to bring home for dinner sounds like an easy chore. Especially when there are places like Little Cesar's if you are just looking for something cheap ready and quick. Perfect, a place to park right in front. Walk into the store order my $5.00 Fresh and Ready Pizza and off I go.

As I am backing out of my space I can go no further because a larger version SUV decided they do not need to park in a space but they are "entitled" to park in front of the store blocking my route to exit. I honk my horn lightly to get the person's attention inside the car who proceeds to ignore me.

After the 4th honk and completely being ignored I went up and knocked on the window. The man looked at me like I was crazy and here comes the woman outside to get in the car with her pizza. I said "you're blocking me from leaving." She just looked at me so I said "I guess you think the world revolves around you." She said I guess it does today and proceeded to take her sweet time getting in and leaving just to annoy me more. All yo can say is...


But I also feel it's a big problem with why there is so much tension between people these days. Too many people feel they are entitled to just do what they want regardless of other people. Maybe next time she could just run out get in the car saying oopps sorry.

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