Thursday, April 27, 2017

Not Too Old To Make Kids Happy

Going home for lunch the children playing at recess sent their ball over the fence, lodging it underneath a car. Every time a car drove by 10 sets of hands would frantically wave through the bars trying to attract the attention of someone driving by.

I went by but felt this was something I could do to make the kids happy. I decided to turn around and go back. Cheers of joy from 15-20 elementary students as I pulled into the driveway.

But alas, the ball is stuck underneath the back of the car and Iam 60 years old not so bendable which I explained to the children. I reached in my car to see what I could use as a stick and wahlah I had my sun visor for the front window and folding up makes a decent poker.

So with a few tries and the crowd cheering, victory was found and the ball returned to the playground. One young girl said she was really proud of me. hahaha.